Lenor's Closet now offers a Concession Plan! We've made it even easier for you to take advantage of the great deals in Lenor's Closet. Because you don't know when the extraordinary sales will happen, we've created a simple and effective solution that will allow you to benefit from these and other great sales at any time, year-round. No more wondering if those special offers, limited time offers, or limited quantity items will be available at a later time. You may reserve those must-have items now and have them shipped at a later date or reserve it now even if you don't have all the funds readily available. This service is also free to use.

Promotions that Qualify for our 2-week Concession Plan:
* Special Offers (items that we occasionally offer a special deal on).
* Deal of the Week (items that we offer a special deal on for a specified week only).
* Limited Time Offers (items that are available for a short while and may not return or may not be offered at same price).
* Brand Sale (items for a particular designer brand that will be specially priced).
* Limited Quantity Merchandise (items that we receive a limited quantity of annually e.g. Chanel fragrances).

* Reservation Period: Merchandise may be reserved for a 2-week period. Customers have the option to pay the balance in full at any time.
* Payment Terms: $50 or 25% reservation deposit and applicable sales tax is required at the time of reservation.
* Eligibility: Purchase must total $200 or more to qualify and items must qualify for this Concession Plan.
* Forms of Payment & How to Pay?: Payments should be made with a debit card, credit card or via PayPal. Payments should be made at our RESERVATION PAYMENT PAGE or by phone with a customer service representative.
* Discounts: No additional online discounts may be used in conjunction with this Concession Plan.
* Refunds: Reservation deposits and related charges are non-refundable should you decide to cancel your order.
* Returns/Exchanges: Returns or exchanges are not accepted on Concession Plan items. Please be certain to make any product inquiries prior to reserving your items.
* Cancellation: Any Concession Plan balance not paid upon expiration of the 2-week Concession Plan period will result in the cancellation of your order. Please be certain to process your final payment accordingly.
* Final Payment: Please be certain to complete the final details of your order and process your final payment BY PHONE with a customer service representative.
* Shipping: All orders will be shipped once the final balance has been paid in full and shipping details have been verified.

The Concession Plan Process

* CREATE and SIGN-IN to your Lenor's Closet account. You will be able to access your payment history here.
* From a product page, select the "PAY DEPOSIT" option for qualifying items.
* Click "ADD TO CART" to add an item to your shopping cart.
* "CHOOSE A WAY TO PAY" Enter PayPal Account information or Pay with Credit or Debit Card
* ENTER Your DETAILS. Continue to Checkout to review your order.
* Click "PLACE ORDER" to complete your transaction.
* EMAIL: You will receive and Email with details from this transaction.
* FUTURE PAYMENTS: All other payments, after your initial reservation deposit, except your final payment as stated above, should be made at our RESERVATION PAYMENT PAGE


Customer service representatives are available to assist you.
*EMAIL | customerservice@lenorscloset.com
Mon. - Sat. 9am to 9pm EST, excluding holidays.
*PHONE | 678.977.5883
Mon. - Sat. 9am to 6pm.
*LIVE CHAT is available
Mon. - Sat. 9am to 6pm.