Fragrance TESTER Information. What you should know.

What is a Fragrance Tester?

1.) TESTERS:are an excellent way to purchase an authentic designer fragrance at a discounted rate, without compromising on quality.
2.) TESTERS:are made by the manufacturer to help promote their fragrances, so the consumer can try out the product before purchasing.
3.) TESTERS:are typically packaged in a plain box and may have "Tester" printed somewhere on the bottle and/or packaging.
4.) Some TESTERS:also come without tops and were packaged that way for the sole purpose of being a tester - no need to endure cost associated with fancy packaging if you were made for consumers to test out before purchasing.
5.) New TESTER:bottles are not used and they contain the original fragrance and quantity mentioned on the bottles. YOU WILL ONLY FIND NEW TESTERS in LENOR'S CLOSET.